ARCHIVE – 2015 Programme


9.15-10.00 Registration

10.00-11.00 Keynote: Jacques de Loustal

11.00-11.30 Break

11.30 – 13.00 Panel 1A: Road Trips CHAIR: CHRIS MURRAY


Martin Lund:  Highway to Hell

Sylvie Blum-Ried: Flaming Iguanas on the road”

Lisa Macklem:  A Journey into the Past


Panel 1B: Adaptations CHAIR: JOAN ORMROD


Joanna Kucharska: Your Ticket to the Multiverse, Princess

Andrea Catalina

& Monica Bottez: Migratory Classics: A Study of Literary Adaptations of Comics

Yiva Lindberg:  Swedish Female Cartoonists travels into literature


Panel 1C: Independents CHAIR: ROGER SABIN


David Huxley:  A Voyage through a Collector’s Brain

Sharad Sharma:  Grassroots Comics

Dominic Grace:  Failed Journeys in Ed the Happy Clown


13.00-14.15 Lunch

14.15 – 15.15 Panel 2A: A Duck and a Rat… and a Duck Again? The Voyages of Steve Gerber and His Characters



Ian Gordon:  The Return of Howard the Duck?

Paul Williams: Social Critique, Commerce and Creativity in Steve Gerber’s Stewart the Rat (1980)



Panel 2B: Persepolis CHAIR: DAVID HUXLEY


Marc Singer:  Persepolis and the Neoliberal Self

Amir Arian: Mapping a Graphic Territory: A Geophilosophical Reading of Persepolis



Panel 6: DELETED


Shannon Mortimore-Smith: The Object of my Affection



Panel 2C: Visual Practice CHAIR: CATRIONA MACLEOD


Louisa Parker                       The Artist as Soujourner: The value of visual practice in making a

space for feminism

Leonie Brialey                     Voyeur du Voyage


15.15-15.45 Break

15.45-17.15 Panel 3A: Trans- Media CHAIR: LAURENCE GROVE

Nancy Pedri:  The Immigrant’s Plight: Photography in Shaun Tan’s ‘The Arrival’

Tasos Anastasiades: Creating Comics Beyond Conventional Drawing

Debarghya Sanyal               Reading Comics: Of Vessels and Dimensions




Dragos Manea: Planets of Exile: Displacement and Defamiliarization in Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples’ Saga (2012 –)

Mihaela Precup:  Stasis and Dislocation in Bunjevac’s Fatherland

Jesus Jimenez-Varea: Two Young Travellers and Their Ideologies: Little Orphan Annie vs. Tintin


Panel 3C: Journeys CHAIR: JOAN ORMROD

Chris York:  Exit Wounds and the (super)heroic Journey

Paddy Johnston:  From Cartoon Books to Image and back again

Julia Round:  Revenant Landscapes and Readers in The Walking Dead



Simon Grennan

& Roger Sabin: Being at home abroad: Londoners ‘ong continong’ (on the continent) in the 19th century comics of Marie Duval

Michael Connerty: Travelogues, Empire and the Early British Comic Strip

Ariel Kahn: Inside Out; Feminist Subjectivities and the Representation of the Journey in Autobiographical Comics By Jewish Comics Artists


17.30-19.00 Drinks reception


9.30-11.30 Panel 4A: Superheroes CHAIR: DAVID HUXLEY

Thomas Jurney:  The American Supervillain as Proponent of Civil Law

Lucia Jackson: From The Killing Joke to Killer Style: How moving to Burnside transformed Batgirl

Roberto Bartual: Jack Kirby’s psychedelic voyage. How the King of Comics influenced the psychedelic movement


Panel 4B: National Identity CHAIR: WILL GRADY


Alison Mandaville: The Haji Goes to Mecca: Islam, Movement, and the World in the Satirical Journal Molla Nasraddin

Aaron Humphrey: Emotion and Anonymity in Australian Asylum-Seeker Comics

Kelly Kanayama: ‘No More Leprechaun Suits’: Irishness and the Performative Body in the Comics of Garth Ennis

Jess Burton                           Voyages dans l’Espace: Space travel in Comics from Les Pionniers de l’Esperance to L’Espace Réel



Panel 4C: Auto/Biography CHAIR: IAN GORDON

Rikke Platz Cortsen: Revisiting past places – space and place as tools for artist biography. Olsza Malgorzata: A Boy’s Journey into Independence

Kat Lombard-Cook: Mapping the Journey: The Cartography of Autobiography

Rebecca Scherr: Mapping the body: migration, sexuality, and Jewish women’s bodies in Leela Corman’s Unterzakhn




Nicola Streeten: I want to be able to sleep in an open field, to travel west, to walk freely at night Sylvia Plath

Penelope Mendonca: Conceptionmoons, babycations, Viking invasions and the quest for motherhood: travel, romance and pregnancy in comics and graphic novels

Rachel Miller: Bedroom Voyages: Riot Grrrls, Ghost Worlds, Teen Angels, and the Ephemeral Archive

Aline de Alvarenga Zouvi: The Explorations of Space in Alison Bechdel’s autobiographical



11.30-12.00 Break


12.00-13.30 Panel 5A: Audiences CHAIR: PAUL WILLIAMS


Joris Vermassen: “Wolfgang Iser and the graphic novel: the blanks as a necessary condition for the reader’s journey.”

Yasmin Stefanov-King: Perceptions of family and gender roles have travelled and progressed over the past 100 years, but to what extent is this journey reflected within comics for the very young?

John Harnett: Visual Dystaxia in Chris Ware’s Building Stories: The Diegetic Applications of Navigating a Panoptic Story-World.


Panel 5B: Time & Movement CHAIR: ROGER SABIN

Joan Ormrod:  The Post-Colonial Enterprise of Trillium: Space, Time, Language

Jesse Prevo:  Any Which Way: The depiction of travel in comics

Ronnie Scott:  Art in Space. Alternatives to Narrative


Panel 5C: National Identity 2 CHAIR: CHRIS MURRAY

Marisol Rodriguez: Rarotonga or the exotic idea of women’s empowerment in a vintage Mexican comic

Roberta Ferreira

& Ivan Lima Gomes: Comics in the tropics or How Buster Brown and comics language travelled and were adapted in a Brazilian illustrated magazine for kids.

Aarnoud Rommens: Graphiating Resistance: Remediation, Abstraction and the Politics of Adaptation in the Work of Alberto Breccia


Panel 5D: Medium and Message CHAIR: DAVID HUXLEY


Joseph Alnether:  Hellboy

Paul Davies:  Representing Experience in Comics: Carnet de Voyage

William Ashbaugh: “Different Medium Explore the Messages of Mobile Suit Gundam


13.30-14.45 Lunch


14.45-16.15 Panel 6A: Health and the Body CHAIR: MIHAELA PRECUP

R Finn:    Journeys to the centre of the self: Comics and mental health.

Agnes Peysson-Zeiss: A Visual Voyage Through Trauma: Genocide, Mass-massacres and Resilience

Christina Koch:  Graphic Pathographies: Traversing the Body as Landscape


Panel 6B: Classic Voyages CHAIR: JOAN ORMROD


Luisa Buck: Why Homer still matters: The Odyssey and the British political cartoon

Ralph Sanders:  The Southern Road To Heaven. Pilgrim’s Progress: The Graphic Novel

Ana-Maria Gavrila: Maps, Myths and Multimodal Storytelling. Refiguring the Epic Narrative of the Early Earth

Jörn Ahrens:  Voyager of Crisis: Winshluss’ Pinocchio and His Journey to the Heart

of Modernity




Greice Schneider: Visual journalism and comics storytelling

John Miers:  Visual metaphor’s voyage from vagueness to symbolic status

Simon Grennan: Journeys of the self: Marion’s partial ‘mediagenius’ and the motive reader in comparative theories of intersubjectivity


Panel 6D: Perspectives CHAIR: JULIA ROUND

Tiffany Hong: “A Matter of Perspective”: Mission, Location, and Return in Ales Kot’s Zero

Benjamin Garfield: A Psychotic Journey Between Worlds and Off the Page. Deadpool Kills Comic Books

Rae Hancock                         Looking Inward: using comics and graphic novels in the classroom to

stimulate self-reflective spiritual journeys


11.30-13.00 ONLINE LIVE FORUM DISCUSSION: Charlie Hebdo

NOT at conference venue. Please log in remotely from wherever you are (web address will be provided) and join us in this discussion/response to delegates’ proposed papers

13.00-14.00 Lunch

14.00-14.30 Break


15.30-16.00 Break

16.00-18.00 Panel 7A: Travels through Time and Space CHAIR: SIMON GRENNAN  

Andreas Stuhlmann and

Sebastian Bartosch: The Return of Deleuze: Voyage and deterritorialization in the comics

of Martin tom Dieck

Anna Howell:  The Shadow of Present Pasts in Gipi’s Vois comme ton ombre


Michelle Bumatay: Madame Livingstone and Notre Histoire: Travels in Time


Panel 7B: Travelling through War and Conflict CHAIR: MIHAELA PRECUP

Christophe Corbin: Comics, Graphic Novels and the French Resistance: A Journey Through France’s National Psyche.

Claire Tufts:  Vica’s Voyages: Comic Art in the Service of Evil

Giorgio Busi-Rizzi: À rebours: comebacks and recollections in Modan’s The Property and Alfred’s Come prima

Leonora Flis: Two Journeys into History by Two Slovenian Comics Artists from the Legendary Mladina journal Circle


19.00 Conference Dinner: Nos ancetres les Gaulois (see directions in conference pack)


9.30-11.00 Panel 8A: Creating Comics


Gunnar Krantz : Sketching beyond the boundaries of time and space – developing scrawled memories of the past

Cecilia Valagussa : Your Neighbour is a “Pig”

Maurice Vink: The Adventures of Boris the Great Globetrotter. “Eat, Pray, Get Confused”


Panel 8B: The Voyages of Tintin

Mat Screech:  Continuing Clear Line

Joe Sutliff Sanders: “Hergé’s Occupations:  How the Creator of Tintin Made a Deal with

the Devil and Became a Better Cartoonist,”

Yasco Horsman:  Les Psychanalysts Chez Tintin: Charles Burns’s journeys through tintinology


Panel 8C: National and Transnational Identities

Ian Horton:  Donald Duck Goes Dutch

Winona Landis:  Illustrating the Transnational: Clément Baloup and the Multilingual

Diasporic Subject

Erinc Salor:  Traveling Identities: Themes of Turkish National Identity Represented

Through Travels of Abdulcanbaz



11.00-11.30 Break

11.30-13.00 Panel 9A: Voyages Between Media

Markus Arnold:  Shifting between sequential art and novel writing: the topic of slavery

in recent French bande dessinée


Barbara Uhlig:  Adventures of Huckleberry Finn – in Italy. Lorenzo Mattotti’s Take on

an American classic



Panel 9B: The American West in Bande Dessinée

William Grady:  Lucky Luke, Coca-Cola, and the Dilemma with America in Post-War Europe

Eliza Bourque Dandridge: Cowboys and Indians in Africa? The Far West and the “Western” BD

Hero at the End of Empire

Annabelle Cone:  Revisiting Representations of the “Other” in Belgian Golden Age

Comics Set in the American West.


Panel 9C: TBC

Jane Weston Vauclair:

Zanne Lyttle:


13.00-14.30 Lunch

14.30-16.30 Panel 10A: Narratological Challenges for the Interpretation of Comics: Four analytical perspectives on the case of travel narratives:

Benjamin Picado: Visual Narrativity and Graphic Enunciation in Documentary Comics: a

look upon Le Photographe, by Guibert, Lefèvre and Lemercier

Raphael Baroni:  Time Travels in French Comics: From Extraordinary Journeys to Time


Jan Baetens:  Tintin in America, or How to Describe a Place You’ve Never Been

Philippe Marion:  The passage as a “travel agent” for comic book reader. A reading of

Moebius and Marc-Antoine Mathieu


Panel 10B: The Developing Medium: BD and the World Beyond

Sylvain Lesage:  What ‘albums’ did to bande dessinée: the editorial originality of

French comics

Enrique del Rey Cabero: A trip to change the world. Depicting development through comics

in Viñetas de Vida

Jonathas Araujo:  Chris Ware and Moebius. A semiotic aproache of multiframe

Daniel Goodbrey: Journeys In The Third Dimension


16.30-17.00 Break

17.00-18.00 Panel 11A: Representing the Regional in the Bande Dessinée

Lise Tannahill:  Bande Dessinée in Corsica: Expressing Regionalism in Francophone

Text-Image Culture

Armelle Blin Rolland: Towards a Definition of Francophone Breton bande dessinée:

Travelling to Penn-Ar-Bed in Bruno Le Floc’h’s Trois éclats blancs


Panel 11B: Travelling through Colonial Conflict

Veronica Dean: ‘Avec les livres, on peut aller n’importe où dans le monde’: Local voyages and global dreams in Leçons coloniales

George Cary Sipp: Wolves in the City – The Algerian War and Colonialism in Comics


Panel 11C: TBC

Olivier Morel:

Guillaume de Syon:


Panel 11D: Gendered Journeys

Hannah Schiff :  Curses, Comics, and Combinations: How Ranma ½ Promotes Gender


Nhu-Hoa Nguyen: Kim Dong-Hwa’s Journey back to Korean Traditional Culture in

Ehwa’s Journey into Womanhood


18.00-19.45 Drinks Reception

9.30-11 Panel 12A: Belgium and the Congo

Pascal Lefèvre:  Travelling Belgian Protagonists for Non-travelling Young Readers


Benoît Crucifix:  The Architecture of the Colonial Adventure: Olivier Schrauwen’s

Arsène Schrauwen

Gert Meesters:  Congo as a voyage to the roots of a cartoonist’s practice: Arsène

Schrauwen by Olivier Schrauwen


Panel 12B: Journeying to the Self

Alfredo Guzman Tinajero : Journey to the heart of one self (The travel comic as Autobiographical variation)

Mathieu Narindal &

Colin Pahlisch:  A Journey to Oneself. Experiencing the Elsewhere in Cosey’s Jonathan


Panel 12C: Les Voyages dans la bande dessinée (French-language panel)

Alice Favaro:    La frontiera invisibile

Agatha Mohring:    Le voyage thérapeutique dans le roman graphique espagnol


Florence Ramond Jurney:  Les errances de Rico


11-11.30 Break

11.30-13.00 Keynote: Renaud Chavanne

13.00-14.15 Lunch

14.15-15.45 Panel 13A: Fumetti

Alex Valente:    Rebibbia Regna – An experiment in translation

Alessia Zocca:    Dylan Dog’s journey in Cagliostro!

Michael D. Picone:  Lives of the Models



Panel 13B: The Voyage through History

Juliette Bourdier:  Medieval Bandes dessinées, The Arts of Memory. Boiling

Cauldron, Fierce Snake, Stinking River and, Blazing Wheel; that Must be Hell!

Billy Grove:    Töpffer’s Travels

Marion Joassin: “Exploration of the notion of voyage in the bandes dessinées created in the 70’s-80’s: fantasy quests, sea crossings and spacetime voyages in Thorgal, Corto Maltese, Yoko Tsuno et Valérian”


15.45-16.45 AGM IBDS and Close