The International Graphic Novel & Comics Conference

The Eleventh International Graphic Novel and Comics Conference

London College of Communication, 1-3 July 2020

The Resonance of Comics: Social Impact and Possible Futures 

Organised by CoRH!, the Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics, and Studies in Comics


In light of the Covid-19 crisis, the Eleventh IGNCC Conference will now take place online. All papers and talks will be released on the evening of the 30th of June along with a catalogue of all items grouped by themes. Links to all items will be available from this website.

From the 1st-3rd of July, there will be a series of workshops and Q&A/Discussion groups online, and discussions on Twitter using conference hashtags. Please follow @TheIGNCC on Twitter for updates from this year’s event.

Please visit the 2020 event page for further information.

For further information please contact:

·       Ian Hague

·       Ian Horton

·       David Huxley

·       Chris Murray

·       Joan Ormrod

·       Julia Round