Welcome to the International Graphic Novels and Comics Conference 2020. This page is the hub site for all IGNCC2020 materials and activities. To get started, please download the Conference Guide below, which includes information about timings and accessing papers and events. Event rooms (which will only be open while the live programme is taking place), can be accessed at the links below.

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Conference Content

Click links below to access conference content (see Conference Guide for full listing of all speakers). All times local to London UK.

Keynote Speakers


The Sabin Award

Conference Comics

Wednesday 1 July, Session W1 (09:00)

Wednesday 1 July, Session W2 (10:00)

Wednesday 1 July, Session W3 (11:00)

Wednesday 1 July, Session W4 (13:00)

Wednesday 1 July, Session W5 (15:00)

Wednesday 1 July, Session W6 (16:00)

Thursday 2 July, Session T1 (09:00)

Thursday 2 July, Session T2 (10:00)

Thursday 2 July, Session T3 (11:00)

Thursday 2 July, Session T4 (13:00)

Thursday 2 July, Session T5 (14:00)

Thursday 2 July, Session T6 (15:00)

Thursday 2 July, Session T7 (16:00)

Friday 3 July, Session F1 (10:00)

Friday 3 July, Session F2 (11:00)

Friday 3 July, Session F3 (13:00)

Friday 3 July, Session F4 (14:00)

Friday 3 July, Session F5 (15:00)

Comics From CoRH!!

In this section on Figshare you will find comics created by members of the Comics Research Hub at UAL (CoRH!!) that in some way deal with the themes of the conference. Comics by Craig Burston, Ian Horton and John Miers.


If you are a speaker, additional guidance on uploading your submissions can be found in the document below, please also see the document on uploading to Figshare that you were sent by email.

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